Thursday, 29 May 2014

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Class Dojo points

This is how much points I got on class dojo

What did I do in the weekend?

Well!! what a great weekend I had! Do you want to know about what I did in the weekend? I went to my brothers rugby game it was so fun.

My brother's team  came to a lost . If he try to play for fun and not played around it will be a win but it was a lost. As long as the team tried.

Now you have about what I did in the weekend. Cheek back on my blog for more about my weekend. I wonder what you done in the weekend .

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Ancient Greece

A long time ago  in Syracuse,  Ancient Greece   there was a great  mathematician name  Archimedes. One day when  he was taking a bath he discovered something  life changing. When he got in  some water got  displaced and it overflowed  over the bath tub.

Archimedes discovery got him   thinking.  He was  so excited that he ran through the streets without any clothes on shouting Eureka ! Eureka ! This meant that I have found it in greek.

Screenshot 2014-05-12 at 09.54.45.png

He figure out if you put something in water and it is lighter  than the among of water being  displaced, the object  will float. This is known as buoyancy or the Archimedes principle. So if the object can float it is buoyant.  


Basket Boast

he wants to be a fischman.

Qui Nhon is in Vietnam.
A thung chai is a Basket Boats

1.  Help sort out the fish
2.  Help drag it from the sea

It get into shape because it is pulled tight into a mould

It stay together because  of  the Strong fishing lines
The resin helps because it stops rotting in the sun .

- sailing
- sort out the boats

-They use it to catch fish
-They practice rowing in the shallow water while their fathers watch.
-They also use it for crab traps.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Basket boast

-They use it to catch fish
-They practice rowing in the shallow water while their fathers watch.
-They also use it for crab traps.

Thursday, 8 May 2014


At Grandma’s house the whau tree needed             pruning       .

Hundreds of brown Seeds rained from the prickly seed hill .

May 7, 2014 10:38:45 AM.jpg

LI: Use the text to find clues.

1. At Grandma’s house the whau tree needed             pruning       .

Polishing                         pruning                         prodding                         pedalling

2. Hundreds of brown Seeds rained from the prickly seed hill .

Seeds              seal                         head                         hill                         herd                         half

3. They save the seeds because the possum have been eating the seedlings.

Possum                         posh                         parrot                         cows             

4. The dead wood was very easy to    saw   and they decide to make a raft
The Lightest Wood in the World

Raft                         break                         saw                         boat                         seed

5. They used a Lawn  for the sail.  They put lemons on the rafts to see

how many they would carry before they sank   .

Lawn                         sink                         leaf                         sank                         seal

6. Mikarere thought that their raft would win because it is more    strong .

Stable                         strong                         lighter                         colourful

7. Maori used to use the Whau wood to make rafts and floats for fishing           nets.

Whau                         whanau                         whitu                         fishing                         frog

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Seeing baby cousins

In the weekend I went to my cousins house. My cousin’s name is Jenny. I went to their house to see the new born baby, it is a girl. I went in a car to their house.

Do you want to known where I went when the baby was born? I went to my uncle's house. I was so overjoyed that we went there. Me and my cousins were so jolly.

“The baby was born at 3:15 pm, that is late”. I said to my mum. She is so cute. "I was so jolly to see her". I said to my mum

Now there you have it. I  was overjoyed over all. I most enjoyed seeing the baby. I hope next time that the  baby won't cry on me.

The lightest wood in the world

WALT: Use the text to find information, and make inferences.

1.   Pruning mean's that  it needs fixing or cleaning

2. Grandma want to save the seeds   Because possums have been eating the seedlings in the bush.

3.  That it was  the lightest wood in the world and  that it is  nice’s and dead

4. Because it was the  Lightest Wood

5. Because the brown is dead and the green one is fresh

6. Which raft do you think will float better and why? because it is lighter they the other ones.

7. Dry whau raft: floated  high in the water
Green whau raft: slightly below  
Pine raft:s It just sank

My weekly Rlection