Friday, 28 February 2014

Welcome to my blog waimaria

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Welcome to my blog

Waimaria stem and leaf

Stem and Leaf Graph Activity

Waimaria writing sample

Being a good friend is caring. Like last year my friend Talita had broken her leg.When she came to school we were looking after her because we cared about her.She was not so jolly.We made feel her over the moon because we kept on playing with her. She was looked after by her  best friends, we will never put her down.

Being a good friend is when it comes to sharing.When people came to school and have no lunch. Just go over their and ask if  their want some  of your  lunch. And there so yes you should be walking on air.  

That is the end of to be a nice friend. You should try it. It will make your friend joyful because you care about your friend. It shows that you care about your friend.It will make your feel the best becase you care about your friend.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Waimaria friend

Friends are  kind brave cheerful wonderful  funnny helpful nice caring

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Waimaria Friends for life

Waimaria butterfly life cycle

A butterfly starts  life as a little tiny egg.If you look closely you can see a tiny caterpillar.The mother usually  attaches the tiny egg on a leaf which will be food for the caterpillar.

When the egg hatches the caterpillar eats the leaf that it was born on. It needs to eat so it will grown quickly. When the caterpillar was born it was extremely small. When it  eats, it instantly growns.

As soon as  the caterpillar is done growning it changes into a chrysalis or a pupa. In the chrysalis the old body parts are transforming into a butterfly.This is called Metamorphisis.

When the butterfly first emerges both of the wings are soft. As soon as  the butterfly has rested it will pump blood into its wings. Later it will find a new partner and lay new eggs. This is when the butterfly life cycle will start all  over again.

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My Holiday by Waimaria

  Have you ever been to Taupo?well I have.On the way to Taupo we stop  to have a ride on a scooter.

I was scared to go on it but I went on it anyways. It was black and to make it go you had to lean forward and to make it stop you have to lean back. 

It was so exciting you should have a try on it would be fun for you.Guess what? on the way back we went to have  breakfast at Friends.It was deliuous,we got a drink as well it was a fluffly.

Band New Netbooks

You will never Guess  what Class Ten got On friday?It was our netbook rollout! We went to the hall at 10 o’clock everone was so glad because that was our netbook rollout time.When we went to the hall I was so overjoyed.

When we got to the hall we had to sit on the chairs.Mrs But and class 9 was then  with us. Mrs But was so joyful that we were getting our own netbooks.She was saying to us what you don`t do to our netbooks.One of the rules is no picking keys on your netbook,keep your charger straight and keeping it safe.

Mrs But showed us how to open the box’s.We open the lid and it came on.We had a little play around on our netbooks.It was so fun to use if you don`t got one, you must get one then you will see how much fun it is.

Finally it was time to go back to class.We packed our netbooks in our bag and when we were  finished we went back to class. I was so overjoyed.