Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Band New Netbooks

You will never Guess  what Class Ten got On friday?It was our netbook rollout! We went to the hall at 10 o’clock everone was so glad because that was our netbook rollout time.When we went to the hall I was so overjoyed.

When we got to the hall we had to sit on the chairs.Mrs But and class 9 was then  with us. Mrs But was so joyful that we were getting our own netbooks.She was saying to us what you don`t do to our netbooks.One of the rules is no picking keys on your netbook,keep your charger straight and keeping it safe.

Mrs But showed us how to open the box’s.We open the lid and it came on.We had a little play around on our netbooks.It was so fun to use if you don`t got one, you must get one then you will see how much fun it is.

Finally it was time to go back to class.We packed our netbooks in our bag and when we were  finished we went back to class. I was so overjoyed.

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