Friday, 28 February 2014

Waimaria writing sample

Being a good friend is caring. Like last year my friend Talita had broken her leg.When she came to school we were looking after her because we cared about her.She was not so jolly.We made feel her over the moon because we kept on playing with her. She was looked after by her  best friends, we will never put her down.

Being a good friend is when it comes to sharing.When people came to school and have no lunch. Just go over their and ask if  their want some  of your  lunch. And there so yes you should be walking on air.  

That is the end of to be a nice friend. You should try it. It will make your friend joyful because you care about your friend. It shows that you care about your friend.It will make your feel the best becase you care about your friend.

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