Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Game Plan

W.A.L.T Create a side scrolling game

First we had to play two games that are called Super Mario Bothers and Mega Man. We played the games to give us some ideas for our own game. When we were done playing theses games we had to start planning for our game. This some of my i ideas for my own game. My game is called : The plan game

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Immersion Assembly

Did you know on the 20th of march Pt England school had to go back to school for term 2? In the morning when the bell had gone it was time for Immersion Assembly.  Immersion Assembly is about what the topic is and the teachers have to make up a movie that go’s with the topic.  Our topic is tinkering tools and toys. The Immersion Assembly  was held in the hall.

As soon as we got to the hall we had to sit down in two line in our home class. When we got to the hall Mr But and a some ohter teachers and kids were making mini pancakes and biscuits with marshmallow . Mr But was looking for people who him can give out pancakes and   biscuits with marshmallow  to and I was one of them me and my friend Yvonne.

Let’s move on to the next’s thing. The best movie I like was team 4. Because on the movie that there  made  was called The game. The game was about what  there could on a  wet lunchtime and there wanted to know what there can do. So there made up a game that was called the game and in that game Mr Somerville was super man and him had a sword that will  defeat two Teachers it was Miss Lavakula and Mr Goodwin but Mr Somerville will defeat them and on the last one  was Mrs Jacobson  and she had a fish and wacked Mr Somerville. That was team 4 movie.

The  Immersion Assembly was super cool! If you had a Immersion Assembly why don’t you write about it. I hope you enjoy my writing.