Saturday, 29 August 2015

Problem Solving wk 6

WALT: multiply and divide decimal numbers

Our task this week was to divide decimals numbers. This week I am with a bubby and her name is Presayus. Make sure when you are done on my blog go and visit my buddy blog.Here is a link to my buddys blog . This week I have leant to dived declaims numbers. First it was hard but now it is not. I did not get help ffrom my teachaer so that is good!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

What watch is best for you - Advice Column

W.A.L.T: think critically about what we read.

Last week I have leant to read and watch carefully so I can find out what is the best watch out of the Garmin and Fitbit. I have picked the Fitbit because it has got many 5 star ratings and the Garmin has not yet got one 5 star rating. The fitbit is made for you so you can keep up with your fitness and can see how your friends are going to.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Trade and enterprise

W.A.L.T: Add one main idea pre paragraph.
This term our whole topic is about trade and enterprise! For our topic we have broken up into 6 different groups. Trade and enterprise is all about learning how to create products of our own and selling them for a profit. Profit means that you sell your product for more than you made it for. So for example, if I made a key ring and it cost 5 dollars and I sold it for 8 dollars I will be making a profit of 3 dollars.

Last Friday we had a trade fair. A trade fair is different to a market because a trade fair is when you are trying to make a lot of orders and showing customers what your product is going to look like. It’s like if you go to a market there already have the things there.

I was picked to be in the custom group. In my group we can make anything we want that is stationary. First before we got started of what we were going to do first we had to get into groups of 3-4. In my group I have 4 people and there are Me, Patricia, Aliyah and Sulieti. In my group we are creating name labels for you to put on whatever you want, like your chromebook or tote trays.

Our teachers also planned for us to learn about currency. Do you know what currency is? Well currency is another word for money. Our money is called PT’s. If I had one PT and turn it into New Zealand money it will be double the value. So, it will be 2 dollars and 2 PT will make 4 New Zealand dollars.

I’m really excited about our market day coming up in week 8! We are hoping to make lots of PTs!!

Monday, 17 August 2015

Problem Solving

W.A.L.T: Multiply and divide whole numbers.  
This week I have leant to break the numbers to make it more easy for me to find the answer. Do you how to break the number? Well if you don't today you will leave here knowing how to break the number to make more easy! If the question was 238x8= first if you do 200x8=1600 30x8=240 and 8x8=64 you add all your totals up together so this one will be 1304. So there you have it that is how you break you numbers to make it more easy for you.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Math teacher lesson

W.A.L.T: Add and subtract decimals. 

This week I have leant to subtract decimals. Do you know how to subtract decimals? If you don't stay here and you will find out how to subtract decimals. If I had 3.72-1.82 you can not do that because 7 is bigger than the 8 so what you do is 1.82+ 1.88 =3.72  so what you do now is 1.84+.06=1.9 1.9+0.1=2 and 2+1.72=3.72 so the answer all together is

Math teacher lesson wk2

W.A.L.T: Add and subtract decimals. 

This week I have leant to add decimals. Do you know how to add decimals? If you do not today you will be leaving my blog and you have leant something and it will be add decimals so lets get started! If I had 2.78+1.95=4.19 because 2+1=3 .7+.9=1.6 and .08+0.5=.13. So there you have make sure you look at the video to get more info.

Problem solving week 3

W.A.L.T: Add and subtract decimals.

This week I have leant to add money. If you do not know how to add money well stay here and I will show you. If class was going on a trip and all together it cost 531 Seini and Waimaria said that there will pay for it and Waimaria pay $345 how much left did Seini have to pay. I know that the answer is 181 because 45+5=50 another 50 =400+131=531 so the answer all together is 181.

Pt's and Pieces

This term team 4 has money and our money is called pt's and pieces. The blue and the green one is pt's the blue one is 1 pt and the green one is 2 pt in New Zealand  money 1pt will make 2 dollars and 2pt will make 4 dollars. The red and the white one's are pieces the red one is 20 pieces and the white one is 50 pieces if you change this kinda money into New Zealand the red one will make you 40 cents and the white one will make 1 dollar.


W.A.L.T: find specific evidence in the text. 

This week I have leant to find the evidence in the text. First we had to make two padlets. Our first one was about how Kynan showed perseverance. Our second one was about how Kynan was capable. If you ever make a padlet make sure you have evidence.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

If I had 1 million dollars

I wake in the morning and i went to go and watch t.v in the sitting room and it was full of money. When I saw it I started to jump over the place with excitement! I called my mum and said “ Mum come and look in the sitting room”. My mum quickly run to the me and said “how did this money get here”. I called my dad and he said that he left it there for me and my mum to go shopping at the mall. YAY!

Off we went to the mall and first up on our list is toyworld. I would buy at toyworld is remote control car for my baby sister because when we go out places she gets sick of walking but when I buy her the remote control car she will be very happy with because she doesn't have to walk any more. After buying that I would buy stuff for me and my baby sister's bed I would buy her teddy bears, blanket covers and cool pillows.

When we were finished shopping at toyworld we were off to look for JB Hifi. When we got to JB Hifi I wanted to buy a apple laptop and a phone for me, my brother, my sister and my step dad the phone that I would buy for them would be a iPhone 6 or 5. I know that I would buy me a apple laptop so when I leave my netbook at school I would still have something to play on.

The very last shop we are going to is foot locker. At foot locker I would buy me and my sister’s nike roshe, nike airmaxs and for my baby sister I would buy nike roshe and puma. I would these shoes for me and my sister’s because we all need good shoes and I have the money so why not.

I think that I did not spend it well because I bought junk and I did not even want and it cost a lot of money. I could of payed the bills and I would of spent it well. If you go out shopping make sure when you go out shopping make sure you buy what you need or else if you see something cool and you buy it and go home and open it and you don't like it you can not get your money back it would of been a waste of time.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Shopping at the mall

W.A.L.T: Write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words.  
This week I have learnt to think if I had spent my money wisely. If you went to the mall what would you  buy? And would you buy thing that you need or don't need?  If you go shopping make sure you think of what you need because if you just go shopping and see something cool and it cost heaps and you buy it . And you get home and you try it and you don't like it you can not get your money back so make sure you think of what you need!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Problem Solving WK3

W.A.L.T: Add and subtract decimals 

This week I have learnt to add and subtract decimals. Do you know how to subtract decimals? Well if you don't I will teach how to. So if Matt had a chip that was 0.57 long and then he cut of 0.07? The answer will be 0.50 because 0.57 - 0.007=0.50 so there you have it! I hope that you now know how to subtract decimals.