Thursday, 26 June 2014

Waimaria reading part 1

Panikiniki 3.2.91
Walt:Analyze and inference texts for deeper understanding.
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Why is phrase used? People say that because they like seeing there everyday

A spritsail  a sail that the wind control.

Because if the bottom is flat that means it is bounty.

Because it is special them and something they have been using for years.

Why would this make it a good day for testing their boat?Squalls are storms and rain and wind that helps the extra  boats and that the big cast of wind can give them boost.

So it could stay bounty and so that they will flip.  

they are towards the direction wind is coming from.

Away from the direction.

Blogger: Screenshot an image of their boat using this link. Post to your blog with a few sentences retelling the story.

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