Friday, 27 February 2015

Duffy show

I have lent that it is good to read because you can think of the things you can do. Books are fun I like reading books because it helps me get far in reading and can help me to find new words.

After a  long  Monday lunch  the year 5,6,7 and 8  went to the Duffy show. We met the characters and their names are Sienna,T.J and Antonia. Antonia played lots of different characters. They put on a show to encourage you to read. When you read books just think of the places there can take you to.

It all started after lunch we had to line up very  quietly and walk into the hall nicely so we can show the visitor's how we walk. We sat down in our 2 happy lines while everybody was coming in we were playing Simon says. Then Duffy walked in and he came  and told us his name  and then we had to sing a special song. It was the Duffy song. When the song ended it was time for the amazing duffy show . It all started with Sienna when she hated school and hated reading books. Sienna needed help and Duffy really wanted to help her so he went over to her house and she said to Duffy “I hate reading” Duffy was really surprised and said “How can you not like reading”, reading can take you to places you can never imagine. Sienna gave up I’m not good at anything.

On a hot and a happy day Sienna had just finished school it was raining. She hated reading so much that she didn’t even know it was library. Sienna had nowhere to go because she had no money and because it was raining. She was wanting to go into the shop but it happens to be a library. Duffy ran out of the library with a few books and Sienna said to Duffy “Wow you must have some money inside your visa card” but he replied “this isn’t my visa card it is my library card” she didn’t even know what was a library card so Duffy showed her by taking her in the library and showing her how to read.

They asked her a quiz like What’s your favourite color, favourite sport, favourite food, her favourite shapes and the last question was what is your favourite movie she answered Harry Potter. They found her a book about Harry Potter and she started reading as soon as she read the first paragraph in the book she fell in love with reading. Sienna started to love reading she even got her own library card. She was so in love with reading that she even showed her mum how to read and she got a library card. She went home knowing that she was actually good at something. Also knowing what she loved doing gardening. The show ended

The duffy show has now ended and it is time to say goodbye.
Do you like reading? If you do not just think of the things you can do by just reading.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Facts about Omaru

W.A.L.T find out information about our community.

The creek behind our school is named Omaru creek.
Here is a photo of Oamaru  creek
You can look in the creek and you might see some tadpoles. If it is your lucky day you might see some ducks. Do not bring your togs because you can not swim there. I think you should go to this creek so you can see ducks and tadpoles. 


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Venn Diagram

Our task this week was to  read and think of the similarities and differences.  I leant how there test the creek. It is hold once a year on June the 5th. There hold this day so we can protect the planet. Like take short showers, walk to school and don't litter.  

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

What in the bag

WALT: make predictions, list possible outcomes, assign possibilities to simple events using fractions

Our task was to get six cubes but you can only have two colours and a envelope . Also we had to get a nether pair and to make Guess( predictions) and to write factions. For explain there was 6 cubes and that there are 4/6 that are green and 2/6 that are red.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My daily timetable

W.A.L.T tell the time on the clock. 

I have learnt  that the big hand is the minutes and the little one is the hour. I have also leant to write the time in written form and digital. I have leant that am is morning and pm is night. Three is quarter past, six is half past, and nine is quarter to. 

Holiday highlight

W.A.L.T  Follow the structure of a recount to write about a holiday highlight.

Was your holiday fun? Well mine was fun.On the 16th 
January me,My Mum, My Brother, My Sister, My Nan and Anj went to bounce and beyond it was for my Nephew birthday. It was out in East Tamaki. When my Nan was driving I  keep on asking ” If we are there yet” and my Nan said” No No No”.

As soon as we arrive I was over excited. We put our delicious food on the party table. After that my Mum said” Go play kids” I went and played and my mum did not see until the lovely food was ready. Bounce and beyond  is fall of castle’s. I went on the wrecking ball.

There was a castle  that you have to climb up the stairs and go down the slide you have to jump until you get of the castle. It does not  take you  long to climb up the stairs.  I went down the slide and I was scared.

At 12:00 it was time to it our good looking food. My cousin ask me  if I could say the pery I said”No” there was to much kids. I was shy. So my cousin   sister son did. There was so much food to eat. After that it was time to play pass the passer.

My school holiday is now over. Now it is time for school. I wonder what you did in  the holiday.