Thursday, 20 March 2014

The 2014 camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you been in a tent  before? Well I have. I was in the Care Squad, I was so lucky that I was in that team. I slept in the tent with Aysa, Adriel  on Wednesday and Thursday night . I was camping  at school and we were sleeping at school. It was only for the year five and six.

The thing I was most overjoyed about at camp was camp cooking. It was the Care Squad’s first rotation. It was on thursday morning and we cooked by the hall. I was over the moon. We had to have teamwork and the food we made was tasty.

Our third activity was table tennis , basketball and roller skating. It was so fun, I most enjoyed table tennis, we were  in the hall. I was so jolly.

The first  rotation on Wednesday was top town it was so hard.We had a water fight  in the game.When we were finished we had to raise the flag up. I was walking on air.

When we go to sleep people were giggling. It was so freezing in the tent. I was scared. It was funny.

In the middle of the night I could not go to sleep because people were fake coughing.It was so hard because it was freezing.  I was so joyful that i got to sleep in a tent. It was the best night ever.
We did not go home we were lucky enough that we got to sleep in a tent.

Camp was sure over the moon! Sleeping in a tent, Top town and Camp Cooking was on the top of my list. As we were cleaning up on the last day it was not so cool. I hope you come next year with me.   


  1. I liked hearing bout camp.

  2. do you mean about but it is allright how much fun did you have at camp


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