Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My special family member

My pretty little sister is name Maddison. She is the most funniest baby. You can never guess what she does  to the will? Well I can tell you she hits her giant  heard on the will. I care about her and  she is funny. Sometime she is naughty. But I love her no matter what . Maddiosn is as pretty  as a rose.

My mum is the most jolly mum you can ever dream of. She will always care about me because she is the best mum in the world. My caring mum is a good  cooker  she makes the best food in the world. She helps me whenever I need help she helps me because that the way she is . I will always love her to the moon and back. I am so over the moon that I have a lovely mum. My mum is as sweet as a bee honey.

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  1. Hi Waimaria,

    Your baby sister and your Mum sound really cool I think I liked to meet them one day.
    But I thought that you were supposed to write about what you planned. It's still sounds lovely.

    From Talita


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