Thursday, 29 October 2015

Problem Solving

W.A.L.T: Find a friction of a number.

This week I have learnt to found how much is 7/9. If you what a question  here is one. If there were 20 kids walk and ten got lost. How do you turn this into a friction?

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Math problem Solving

W.A.L.T: find number

This week is the just like last week. So I have learnt nothing. But if you are stuck make sure you leave a comment and hopefully I get back to you

Math Problem

W.A.L.T: find a number of fraction.

This week I have learnt to nothing! Because I have learnt this before. If you do not know how do well go away! JOKES! I will teach you so if Connie had parked in the car park and there was 12 in all but there were 5 of them blue the answer would  5/12!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Holiday highlight

No more sleep in, No more cleaning, No more fun time and No more boring time! You all know what I am talking about last week was the last week of school holiday.OH NO! My holidays was fun and boring. I went to a lot of places like cleaning the house, Blowing and Mini golf!If you want to know how it all went well stay on my blog and you will find out.

As soon as I got up every morning we had to clean clean clean clean and clean the whole house! “Yas we are done cleaning” I said. After that all I could do is sit and relax and watch some movies. The first movie up was inside out. That movie is so adorable. It was all about a girl named riley who had lived in a house for so long and had to move to another house. She loved to play hockey, Meet with her friends and she even loved her school but after she find out that she was moving out she knew that she was going to lose her friends, Her hockey team and her school!

Image result for mini golfIt’s time to go to mini golf now! Off we go in the car with Maddison, Mum, Cezar, Cezar friend and aunty Jade. “Go fast” I said “NO NO NO and NO” said mum “Fine then” I said. “And we are there” said mum. We are at lilliputt. If you want to ever go there it on tamaki drive near town! Now it is time to tell you how I went! The very first one is normally easy. The first one I got a 3 or 4. I can’t tell you the rest because I can think of how much I got on the other but I can think I can last because I got 32 Jade got 27 and my mum got 22 or 21. If you are thinking why Cezar and his friend was not included it is because there did the other course.

Hi there today we are going to panmure bowling! If you are wondering who we is I am going to tell you right now… Well my baby sister, Cezar, Mum and Me.We went there because it was the last week of school holidays. When we go inside my mum and be the tokens for the games. We are not playing blowing because it was wayyyy to pack. But games was all good for me! the first game was deal or no deal on deal and no deal I got 39 tickets. The second game was this game and u had to roll the ball up and you would see what bowl you would get it in I got 49 tickets. After that game I play it again and I scored 32 tickets again! After that my tokens were all gone. After the tokens was all gone we had to pick what we were hungry for Mcdonald’s. When we got to mcdonald's we got a family meal. In it was 2 big macs 2 cheese burgers 4 drinks and my mum bought some chicken nuggets. When we were done eating we had a little play on the park and after the we got two sunday and 1 ice cream cone. One sunday for me and one sunday for my brother and the ice cream cone for my baby sister.

Now that the school holidays is over we are back at school. YAY! Now it is time to learn.