Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Ski Trip

W.A.L.T: Add and use new vocab.

This the task that we were giving is to make a ad for Anthony. I have learnt to make a poster. The poster was about how much Anthony get paid and what he is super good at. If you make a poster make sure that you have what there are good at, how much there pay him and contact details make sure you aslo put to good word about he/she.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Problem Solving Week 2

W.A.L.T: Add and subtract decimals.  
This week I am with panther and her name is Rima. Make sure you check out her blog to. Here is a link to her blog

This week I have learnt to subtract decimals. For example if I had a chocolate bar that was 3.9 long and then I ate 1.8 how much is left. I know that it is 2.1 because 1-3=2 and .8-.9=.1 so the answer all together is   2.1. I hope that you now know how to subtract decimals.

My Job Application and C.V

W.A.L.T: write an application for a job. 
To whom it may concern,

Bank Teller:
I am applying for the position of bank teller. I think that I would be good at this job because I am a trustworthy person and can do my job perfectly.

This job is perfect for me because at home, my brother gives me money to put it into his piggybank and I put it all in. I am an organised person that is able to listen to instructions and can learn really quickly.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Waimaria Scott

Letter of reference
My daughter Waimaria is a trustworthy person that you can trust to be a bank teller.

I believe that Waimaria will be a great person to hire for this job because she can take responsibility of herself and others. She has awesome listening skills and can work really well with many people.

Waimaria will be great for this position because she has the right personality for working with people. She can participate with others and can take good care and do her job correctly.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Math teacher lesson Term 3 w1

W.A.L.T: Add and subtract decimals. 

Hi welcome back from the school holidays!This is a math teacher lesson. I hope that you had a good holiday and is back to learning. Today we are adding decimals. YAY! What 2.3+2.9=5.2 because 2+2=4  .9+.3=1.2 so the answer all together is 5.2.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Problem Solving Week 1

Walt: add and subtract decimals. 
Welcome back from the school holiday's! This is my very first problem solving for term 3. This week I am with a panther and her name is Seini make sure you check out her blog to. Here is a link to Seini blog 

This week I have remembered to subtract decimals numbers. For example if Seini walk to the shop and it took her 8.9 kilometres and the next day she 1.8 kilometres less how long did it take her the next? The answer is 7.1 kilometres because 8-1=7 and 9-8=1 so the answer is 7.1

Monday, 20 July 2015


Hurry up traffic lights! We were off to chipmunks. YAY! What was at chipmunks? Well chipmunks is a massive places that has slides, bouncy castle and a big park. We went to chipmunks on the second week of school holidays.
Weeeeeeeeeeeee as I went down the bouncy slide! It was a big slide that I went down on. Now that I was done on the slide I told my mum that I was going to take my baby sister to the baby park. First we went down on the green, fast slide and she loved it and so did I!

When I was done playing with my sister we had some hot chips. YUM YUM YUM! There were so nice. Come on cousin lets go and play. “You can’t catch me” as I told my cousin. After 1hour and 30 mins it was time to everyone was so tired even my mum and brother.

Make sure if you go have fun and play nice. Have a happy term.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Explaining Your Thinking & Understanding

This term for our topic it is called Tinkering, Tools and Toys. For Tinkering, Tools and Toys we had to make a side scrolling game. First we had to make a plan On our Google drive so we know what we are doing and what I need to add. We had to make three levels or background and make any lead character you want. First before we started planning our games we had to play two games one was super Mario brothers.

What I have learnt is to make your three background side scroll. I have also learnt to add a lot of details and to take my time. If you ever make you a side scrolling game make sure that it looks good and it is a little bit hard for the older kids and easy for the younger kids.

Create A Definition Week 11

W.A.L.T: Understand and use new vocabulary.

This week we had to create a definition for reading. But first we had to read our book to get four new words or we can get it from our last week book.

This week I have learnt to make words into opposite like data the opposite of data is question. I have aslo learnt to make a complex sentence. To make a complex sentence you have to add three things. I will make up a complex sentence. Make sure you slap on some sunscreen because you might die if you do not protect yourself.   

Problem Solving Week 11

W.A.L.T: Use Fractions

This week I am with a panther and her name is Talita make sure you check her blog to. Click this link to see Talita blog. I got a lot of help because I did not understand and what to do. Now I understand it good I can give you an question. what is 4.2= it will be 4 2/10.

Take A Closer Look

Walt: understand and use new vocabulary

This week we have been looking at scientist. First our class looked at a video and Michelle Cook and she was talking about how close the magnifying glass. We had to read the story and find out new vocabulary and put it onto our padlet. Click here to see what we have done.


Summer. Make sure you wear sunscreen and hats that is how you keep sunsmart! If you do not know how to stay safe read this story!

Hats is an important thing to wear so it can cover your head. You wear a hat because if your head gets burn you can get skin cancer and you might die. When you are at school make sure to wear a hat! If you wear a hat you will not get skin cancer because you have protect your head.
Sunscreen. Make sure you slap on some sunscreen so you do not get sunburn. Sunburn can give you skin cancer. If you get skin cancer you can die if you do not protect yourself.
Now you know what sunsmart is about. Go and teach the world how to be sunsmart.