Monday, 20 July 2015


Hurry up traffic lights! We were off to chipmunks. YAY! What was at chipmunks? Well chipmunks is a massive places that has slides, bouncy castle and a big park. We went to chipmunks on the second week of school holidays.
Weeeeeeeeeeeee as I went down the bouncy slide! It was a big slide that I went down on. Now that I was done on the slide I told my mum that I was going to take my baby sister to the baby park. First we went down on the green, fast slide and she loved it and so did I!

When I was done playing with my sister we had some hot chips. YUM YUM YUM! There were so nice. Come on cousin lets go and play. “You can’t catch me” as I told my cousin. After 1hour and 30 mins it was time to everyone was so tired even my mum and brother.

Make sure if you go have fun and play nice. Have a happy term.

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