Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Waimaria a life cycle of a frog. do you know the life cycle of a frog?

You will never guess what the four main stages about the life cycle about a frog is? Well you have come to the right place. The first stage is the frog egg, the second stage is  the tadpole,the third stage is froglet and the last stage is the adult frog.

The first stage of the frogs begins like this. The frog egg is laid in the pond.The frog can lay many eggs, this is called spawn. It  is sticky like  jelly because the jelly helps protects their lives.   

Most of the tadpoles don't live for very long because the nasty snakes eat  the tadpoles.The gills help the tadpoles to breath oxygen.It aslo has a tail to help it swim, then they grown legs  later on.

Now I am on the froglet stage. The froglets  tail disappears because it has legs to move. Also the grills disappear because it doesn't live under water any more because it lives on land.When the froglet is hungry  it waits to find it`s  food.

When the frog is a adult it lives on land.This is when the frog life cycle starts again.This is called metamorphosis.

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