Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Can not wait for camp Waimaria

You would never guess what we are doing this week? We are going camp.The year five and six  are going, so we can meet other`s and have some fun. We are camping at Pt England School, we are going camp this Wednesday,Thursday and Friday.

I am really looking forward to go camp cooking. Because I want to taste the cooking. I really want to see how lovely it tastes.

I can not wait to go to top town because I want to see how fun it is. To bust down other people`s  castles. Would you like do do top town  with us?

Also I can not wait to do get lost. Because it is like amazing races. Do you like  amazing races?

Keep checking back on my blog for more. Do you want to came with us? This is the end of my story.


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