Thursday, 13 August 2015

If I had 1 million dollars

I wake in the morning and i went to go and watch t.v in the sitting room and it was full of money. When I saw it I started to jump over the place with excitement! I called my mum and said “ Mum come and look in the sitting room”. My mum quickly run to the me and said “how did this money get here”. I called my dad and he said that he left it there for me and my mum to go shopping at the mall. YAY!

Off we went to the mall and first up on our list is toyworld. I would buy at toyworld is remote control car for my baby sister because when we go out places she gets sick of walking but when I buy her the remote control car she will be very happy with because she doesn't have to walk any more. After buying that I would buy stuff for me and my baby sister's bed I would buy her teddy bears, blanket covers and cool pillows.

When we were finished shopping at toyworld we were off to look for JB Hifi. When we got to JB Hifi I wanted to buy a apple laptop and a phone for me, my brother, my sister and my step dad the phone that I would buy for them would be a iPhone 6 or 5. I know that I would buy me a apple laptop so when I leave my netbook at school I would still have something to play on.

The very last shop we are going to is foot locker. At foot locker I would buy me and my sister’s nike roshe, nike airmaxs and for my baby sister I would buy nike roshe and puma. I would these shoes for me and my sister’s because we all need good shoes and I have the money so why not.

I think that I did not spend it well because I bought junk and I did not even want and it cost a lot of money. I could of payed the bills and I would of spent it well. If you go out shopping make sure when you go out shopping make sure you buy what you need or else if you see something cool and you buy it and go home and open it and you don't like it you can not get your money back it would of been a waste of time.

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