Friday, 25 July 2014

Give it a try!!

Give it a try
WALT: Comprehension - using the text to find information.

1. Why do you think people want to be a part of a triathlon? People who want to do triathlon want to get fit or just give it a try.

2. Why do you think the author chose this title? The  author  picked this story because people in triathlon give it a try .

3. How do you think ‘tryathlon’ got it’s name when it is usually spelt ‘triathlon’? Because adults  go serious and kids don’t go serious .

4. What three sports are involved in a triathlon?  The  three sortp in triathlon is running , Swimming and biking .

5. How many kilometres will the girls travel combined? This will be 10.2.

6. Think about how the event is organised… How does each member know  when to begin their
part of the race? The members will know because when the person has fischer doing they races they will tap the person hand to go nexts.

7. How do you think the girls are feeling at the end of the events? The girls would feel  proud and so much jolly.

Because adults  go serious and kids don’t go serious .

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