Friday, 24 October 2014

How to be sun smart?

Do you know how to stay sunsmart? If you don’t stay here and I will tell you. This story is all about sunsmart. To stay sunsmart you have to wear Hats,Sunblock and Clothing if you do not wear these helpful stuff you would get sunburned.

Why you need to wear Hats you ask? You need to wear Hats because it protects your head. Do you know if you do not wear Hats you can die that is why you need to wear Hats.

You need to wear lots of Clothing so you can stay safe. If  you wear a lot of clothing and you go out in the sun you would not get sun burnt.  If you go out in the sun with a lot of clothing on  you can die from the sun.

Now you have it. You can go and tell the world how to be sun smart. Remember to wear  Hats,Sunblock and   clothing.




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