Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Auckland art galley

Did you know that the year five last friday went to the Auckland Art  Gallery? We set off on the bus to the Auckland Art Gallery.  It  was loud I thought when we go on the bus I thought it was meant to be qutie.   It was so amazing . We went there so we can look and admire beautiful  art. When we got there we had to sit down and hopped in our groups.   We had three wonderful and amazing sessions.

                                              Your Choice
After our lovely  lunch Class 10  had  free choice it was not the kids free choice. It was the adult's choice of what we were going to do. My group was going to do the lego display and  learning center it was doing the lego and going into the wave length room. We had an enjoyable time doing the lego. Afterwards  we were done making wonderful  lego and awesome wave length we asked Miss Ouano  the light show?“and she said “Of course ”. When we got there and we went in it was dark as the black sky.
After  we had  some morning tea class 10 had the studio session. You would never guess what we did in the studio? Well if you said art well you are correct. When we got in the studio we had to find a chair to sit on and when we did we had piece of cardboard. And on the piece of cardboard there was a jar and we had to cut it out. When we were finished cutting the art out we had to think of something we would like to draw and I chose was Christmas.  We could not write anything  we only could draw pictures.
Now you know where went last Friday I hope when you go you can go look at different kinds of art. I hope you have enjoyed my writing if you would like to keep on reading you would have to look on my blog. Goodbye for now.


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