Monday, 22 June 2015

Explaining My Game!

What a game I am making! A game that is called The game plan what a fun game to play! I am going to be explaining what my game is about and how you lose a life and how you win. What a task we were giving! We had to make a interesting and a detailed game that we can play during a wet lunch time. Make sure you have a ipad to play!!

What two lead character do you think I have? Well both of them are Maddison and phineas. What a land Maddison is in that has a lot of spikes and if Maddison wants a lot of coins she has to collect as many coins as she can. Just like jet pack but different that is where Phineas is. Well Phineas mission is to get all the coins if he tries and go and finish line Phineas loses a life until he complete getting all his coins he can move onto the last level. Which is level 3.

I am going to give you one challenge of what one character does. Well I am going to tell you about Maddison and her challenge. Her challenge is to get as many coins as she wants and has to get more than 3 coins to get more coins she has to jump over spikes. To win you have to get to the finish line. To jump you have to double tap and to run you have to use one finger. Make sure you have an Ipad to play!!
Another amazing challenge is like jetpack back it is Phineas. To win you have to get all the coins if Phineas tries and finishes he loses a life. Before he gets to the finish line he has to get all the coins thats is on that mission.

By having a game during wet lunchtime. making it a little bit hard and also there do not get bored. I hope you take another look at my blog to see my game that I have made. Maybe if you get bored you can make a cool game for everyone to play. Remember this rule if you make a game have a lot of detail and make it a little bit hard.        

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