Monday, 21 September 2015


This term our topic is all about trade and enterprise. For trade and enterprise we have been learning how to make a profit, sell and make our very own products. As part of our topic we had our very own market day. I have become so poor... jokes - I have become rich! YESSS! In my group I have four beautiful panthers they are Sulieti, Aliyah, Patricia and meeee.

To make our own product we had to split up into six different groups.The group that I am in is custom stationery it is hosted by Mr Goodwin. In our group we had to make anything that is custom but especially creating funky labels. In my little group we are making name labels for your very own chromebooks or anything you need to put your name on. In my group I think we have made about 24 pts!

A trade fair is different to a market because a trade fair is when you go out and look and something you want to buy and you will see what it is going to look like. As if you go to a market you would have notice that everything you want to buy is right there in your face. When you go a trade fair you have to pre order and at the market the stuff you want is already there.
When I was at the market I ended up spending 10 pt’s. I spent my money on food and the rest of the stuff that I bought on the trade fair. After spending my PTs I am left with 20Pts. Next’s week we are having a surprise. It is very important to save your money because you never know when something is coming up.

“This is so pretty” “Who made this”. Oops sorry I can get a bit carried away of how pretty my stuff looks like. When we were aloud to go shopping I went sight to buy mini and big yummy yum ice blocks I bought 6 mini and 1 big the mini costed 20 pieces and I bought 6 so that cost 1.20 pieces the big one cost 1pt When I left I thought to myself is that to much and it was so I gave 3 away. Next I went and bought my loom bands cost 1.20 but then my ball got sold then it went down to 1pt then I went to buy a balloon with flour in it that cost 1 pt. After that I felt hurry so I bought some nice hot chips . Then sadly I was out of pt’s. NOOOO!

Eating and buying was so fun I thought the market was so cool. This is to my teachaers thank you for making this work if you were not there we could of not done this without you and MAY WE PLEASE HAVE A ANOTHER MARKET!

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