Wednesday, 11 November 2015

chocolate Game

Trick or treat! You all know what it was on saturday. Halloween! There are rules to halloween. Kids and adults and that think it is a bad thing to go trick or treat! Do you really know what it is about? if you do not well stay here and you will find out. Did you know it is bad to go sangsters houses and ask trick or treat. It is but you can do it on halloween!
There are rules to this there are you always need to make sure that you go with a parent. Because you might go to someone's house and there might try and take you. You also need to dress up! You can dress up as anything you can even dress up as a china, parite all even go in your underwears!

What it is about?
About 20000 years ago people left water, food and that outside there doorstep. So when it is halloween when the ghost raise that do not go into there house! When you dress up the ghost will leave you alone. If you don’t you might get taken from the ghost!
Well now you know what halloween is all about. Thank you for reading!

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