Friday, 11 April 2014

What is fiafia?

Do you know what Fiafia mean’s to Pt England School? Well stay here and I will tell you. Well Fiafia means  when you get together with your school or with your family. Participating and contributing and relating to others apply to fiafia because we make our  tutors so jolly. Participating and contributing  apply to Fiafia because we join in and we give our best.

Do you want to know what group I am in this year?  Well I am in the Hawaiian group. My wonderful tutors are Miss Ouano and Miss Eadie. They help us do our best and learn dances. We are doing three dances Our first dances  Maunaleo, our second dances is Ahulili and our third dances is Puili this is the link to Puili  What do  your  tutors teach to you?

The two Key Competencies we need to use is Participating and contributing and relating to others. We have to do our best  and  join in. We have to relate to others so we can make our family proud and we need to make our  happy  tutors fell so awesome that we we . Will you like to make your family pound.

Well, there you have it. Now you know what Fiafia is. I am looking forward to see you at fiafia tonight.

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