Friday, 5 December 2014

Learn Create and share


Kumusta For my writing we did  when Jesus was born. Check here on my blog to how my writing went.  First it was really hard but every time I tried it got better and better.  I have tried hard all year long to build my writing to the top. What help me is when my teacher and group were helping me make new words. 

I have created a doc  that has my Writing first I said it was going to be really really hard but it was not. Every time I said I could not do it I thought saying yes I can do it. As Mr But said do your best at the test I said that to myself and if I can do it  you can do it. 

Pt England School has a blog for every person in the class. Every time we have finish our learning . We have to put it on our own blog. What is the really best thing is that everyone around the world can see what we are up to, What we need to work on and she what have been learning about.

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