Friday, 20 March 2015

Do you know what the year 5 and 6 did? well take look and you will find out

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Do you know what the year five and six did on the 11th of march till the 13th? If you said Camp you are right! I was part of the All stars my camp teacher was Miss Vaafusuaga. For the year five and six camp we camp at school but when it is nearly the end of the year the year six go on another camp. To go on this camp you have to pay 65$.

JPEG ImageOn the first day of camp the All stars very first activity was kayaking. When we were finished  getting change into our togs we had to get ready to walk down to the Pt England beach.  As soon as we got to the nice deep blue sea we had to sit down on the grass and wait till Mr But would tell us the rules. One of the rules was to put your foot then bum then your other foot and that rule is called foot bum foot When Mr But was done talking about the rules we had to put on our Life Jackets and when we were done putting our Life Jackets on we had to pick a panther. My panther was Lavhal and when we were Kayaking when I look down on my leg there was a spider on my leg so it freak me out and I thought my paddle out of the kayak. So when I got back onto the shore I quickly jump out of the kayak and run back where my teammates were.   

After the wonderful day it was time to go to sleep after dinner. Do you know what will happen when someone will just stand next to my tent? Well if you said I would  fart you are right! After I keep on farting me and my sleeping panther  was eating cookies and lollies. After we ate our lollies and cookies we went straight to sleep because we had to wake up at 7:00 for jump jam and after jump jam we had to get ready for breakfast.

On the last night it was our camp consent night. The All stars song was called good feeling.  
The cmo consent started at half past seven. Before we called start the consent we had to play a game and that game was humming  Mrs Jacobsen has a  husband  called Mr Jacobsen and him one out of the humming game the seconds was 29 seconds. Who wants to know the first group ? If you said I do can you give me darm roll and stop the group that is going up is called Matapono E. After Matapono E was done dancing it was time for the true crews to go and show off their dances. When the true crews where done dancing it was time for my group. When my group was done it was time for the The Real DealZ after the The Real DealZ it was time for the The Commitments after the The Commitments it was time for the Honest Squad. The first place goes to he Honest Squad.

This has now come to and end now you know what the year five’s and six’s did? Maybe when you go on camp you can tell me by putting it you're your blog?

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