Thursday, 5 March 2015

The thing I love doing?

Do you know what sport I like? Well if you said netball you are right and if you said softball you are not right.  I like to play netball for a club that is called live wires.  This year I am playing for year seven even though that I am a year six I still play for year seven. My mum talk to my aunty and she told my mum about the live wires netball team and that is how I got into the live wires netball team.

Every wednesday from now on it is my training time so on the thursday the day after it is my netball game that can be hold at 4:15 or 5:05. Last week my game was 4:15. My team does not have a name but I can tell you how my game went. I was playing goal shot  for the first half and the second I was on a berk and the third and forth I was wing defence. I did not shot a goal in but unless I tryed.

The goal attack and the goal shot was really good on the second half we shot six  goals and in the third round we shot two in and in the fourth round we shot one in. When was the third round I was wing defect I was good. I ran and jump and I got the ball.  The score was 9 to live wires and 12 to
the other team.

The was a lost but as long as we tried and had fun. This game is now over I now had to go for a shower just jokes. Take care and be kind to the world.  

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