Monday, 11 May 2015

Happy Mothers day!

Did you get anything  for your mum? Well I did I made my mum a card. When I wake up I had to make the table look nice  to get it ready for mothers day breakfast.

What we had  for  breakfast you ask? Well it was mini sausages, bacon, toast and egg. When I was finish doing the table I went and got my card for  my mum and when I gave it to her she said that she loved it. What I said on the card is that if she was here I would not have turn out how I have now and I will love her till the end. When we were done we had to take my dog called coco to the vet.

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When we were done taking coco to the vet we had to go home and get ready for our bake off. What I was  baking was chocolate and white  chip cookies. Who went first was my dad him was cooking jam tarts when him was done it was my turn I was baking chocolate and white  chip cookies and after I was done it was the lucky last and it was my bother. The score that me and my dad got was a 8/10 I was happy for that score
Hope you had a special mothers day and hope your mothers had a lovely day. I hope that you made your mum happy. Thank you to my mum for being there I am down.
. When it was getting dark my everyone voted for the on there like and the winner the jam tarts so it was my dad who won.

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