Thursday, 7 May 2015

World War 1

On the 25th of April which was a Saturday which was 100 years ago. Many people went to world war 1. We have a choice to wear a red poppy. We wear a red poppie  because when New Zealand went to turkey in a city called Gallipoli and when there went to war and got shot that is where the poppies grow. These people who went to war and got shot and died did not get berried there just left them there. Last friday we had a special assembly to remember the soldiers who went to world war one. At the end of the assembly we had to go by the year 5 and 6 block because on the rocks there was a field of Remembrance which had cross that had special names. One of them was unknowing so there called him Knowing to god. When we went to the field of Remembrance Mary and sally talked and after that we had to have one minute of Silence. After that we had to go back to class.

Do you want to know what happened on August 29th, 1914? Well New Zealand wanted to help Samoa to get the Germans off Samoa because there wanted Samoa to have there freedom. So on the August the 29th 1914 New Zealand just landed on soman land there fighted for Samoa freedom and there won.

Do you know what there sleep in? Well it was a trench Do you want to know if it was safe or not? Well It was safe because you could not see in the dark and if there shoot there might shoot there team mates.The people who went to world war 1 sleeped in a trench. a trench is like a big long log that has been digged and it is higher than there heads and the soldiers will be safe.

New Zealand had won the war and may pepelo died. So if you may Remember this rule! We shall remember them.

I am proud because I have learnt to add new vocabulary. I am also happy because I have learnt to add different sentence beginnings. I am also happy because I have done good planning. The next time I do this I need to do butter on clear and 'juicy' and content .

I didn’t remember to make it clear And 'juicy'. The next time I need to remember to add different sentence beginnings. The next time I write I want to try and improve the detail that I add to my writing. I have realised that I should have put a lot of planning to make it super good.

My goal for writing is to make it more sense.

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